Waste Watch No. 5

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This is the fifth Waste Warch report which looks into various examples of the federal government wasting taxpayer money. The report examines the U.S.'s $1.7 billion legal settlement to Iran, USMC's $22 million project to relocate tortoises across the Mojave desert, Federal Highway Administration's $760,000 West Virginia Off Road Trails, USDA's $700,000 funding of Beer Festivals in Europe and Japan, competing funds totaling $1.6 million on promoting and banning the sale of malt liquor, operations and maintenance funds totaling $63 billion on old IT systems, $319 million on Healthcare.gov, Westpoint's $2.1 million in undocumented funds, the DOD funding $225 million in school produce, and $145,000 in federal funding for a film museum.
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