Executive Pay: Conflicts of Interest Among Compensation Consultants

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This investigation was conducted by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform by the request of Waxman, Henry A. to ensure that compensation consultants hired by large publicly traded companies were solely operating on one subject of compensation and not focusing on those who have hired them due to an alarming increasing of CEOs salaries. The following investigation found that over the years, multiple instances have occurred where consultants have provided other services to the company including executive pay advice, many companies do not wish to disclose these compensation consultants\342\200\231 conflicts of interest as well as the identity of the consultant, and those who have engaged in other services have reached large sums of money.
Related Hearings
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, hearing on "Executive Pay: The Role of Compensation Consultants," 110th Cong., H.Hrg. 110-113, (2007, December 5)
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