The Failure to Produce White House E-Mails: Threats, Obstruction, and Unanswered Questions

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The Committee on Government Reform investigated the loss of over 400 emails to White House officials relating to the 1996 election finance scandal. The Committee sought to determine if White House officials were aware of the problem, what steps they had taken to remedy the issue, and why Congress was not informed of the lost correspondence. Ultimately, they found that senior White House staff were aware of the problem and that they actively chose not to cooperate with the investigation. Thus, the report recommended that a special counsel be appointed to investigate the emails, alongside appointing someone to supervise the review and production of White House emails once the reconstruction process was complete.
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Related Hearings
House Committee on Government Reform, hearing on "Missing White House E-Mails: Mismanagement of Subpoenaed Records," 106th Cong., H.Hrg. 106-179, (2000, March 23, March 30, May 3, and May 4)
House Committee on Government Reform, hearing on "Contacts Between Northrop Grumman Corporation and the White House Regarding Missing White House E-Mails," 106th Cong., H.Hrg. 106-258, (2000, September 26)
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