ObamaCare's Taxpayer Bailout of Health Insurers and the White House's Involvement to Increase Bailout Size

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The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigated ObamaCare key provisions which increased insurance company profitability. The Committee obtained information from 15 health insurance companies and 23 ObamaCare co-ops. The report recommends that Taxpayers should not be forced to bail out insurance companies that made poor strategic decisions pricing their ObamaCare-compliant products in the individual market.
Related Hearings
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House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs, hearing on "Poised to Profit: How ObamaCare Helps Insurance Companies Even If It Fails Patients," 113th Cong., H.Hrg. 113-119, (2014, June 18)
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