Report on Impacts to U.S. National Security of Advanced Satellite Technology Exports to the People's Republic of China (PRC), and Report on the PRC's Efforts to Influence U.S. Policy

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In response to potential export control law violations by the People's Republic of China, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence investigated satellite technology transfer issues and the allegations of a PRC program to influence the US political process. They found that the technology transfer threatened US security as it enabled the PRC to improve its space launch vehicles and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Committee recommended the improvement of satellite technology safeguard monitoring programs as the PRC's opportunity to collect technical information was facilitated by a lack of adequate funds, staff, and insufficient training of Defense Department's Defense Technology Security Administration employees. With regard to the concern of PRC involvement in the 1996 election cycle, the investigation produced no evidence of an actual attempt to influence members of Congress, though there was an indication that PRC officials provided funds to US political campaigns. The Committee suggested a top to bottom review of the intelligence cycle alongside amending the Federal Election Campaign Act to clarify the intention to prohibit all contributions, be it hard or soft money, by foreign nationals.
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