Worldwide Waste: How the Government is Using and Losing Your Money Abroad -Part V: The Inter-American Foundation

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Chairman Rand Paul of the Subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs issued a series of waste reports of American foreign expenditure. This is part 5 of 7 cataloging over $3 billion in wasteful spending. This specific volume reports on the Inter-American Foundation including $50k for El Salvadorian Illegal Immigrants, $1.2 million in immigrant remittances, $170k in guinea pig farming, ~$523k in Bolivian gas and llamas, ~$333k in Bolivian herder self esteem, ~$254k Argentinian Honey marketing, ~$300k in Brazilian welfare, ~$324k Argentinian circus arts, ~$220k in Paraguayan Theater, ~$478k in Mexican carbon offsets, ~$565k in Haitian film, ~$307k in Ecuadorian alpacas, ~$228k in Costa Rican NGOs, ~$260k in El Salvadorian Museums, ~$511k in Bolivian indigenous art, ~$163k in Guatemalan art and museums, ~$328k in Haitian dance, $35k in Brazilian cultural awareness, ~$155k in Costa Rica Ecotourism, ~$238k in El Salvadorian Boat Tours, ~$1.7 million in Nicaraguan Coffee, and $290k in Peruvian dairy.
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