Worldwide Waste: How the Government is Using and Losing Your Money Abroad - Part VII: Institutional Development

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Chairman Rand Paul of the Subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs issued a series of waste reports of American foreign expenditure. This is part 7 of 7 cataloging over $3 billion in wasteful spending. This specific volume reports on institutional development including ~$3.3 million in corporate welfare to phone companies, ~$9.4 million in foreign health insurance, ~$177k in Colombian police healthcare, ~$3 million in Afghan law scholarships, ~$7 million in Afghan artisans, $400k in Armenian business regulation, ~$551k in foreign central banks, ~$8.8 million in Libyan public confidence, $273 million in building capacity to award more grants, ~$3 million in foreign TV dramas, $33k in Mexican Robotics, ~$1.9 million in Jamaican juvenile offender education, ~$347k in Siberian sustainable development, and $1.5 million to the Vietnam Government.
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