Problems with the Presidential Gifts System

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The Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs of the House Committee on Government Reform analyzed the oversight mechanisms for Presidential gifts. The subcommittee looked into the current Presidential gift system for problems and observed previous abuses of the system. They analyzed what oversight, if any, was needed to deter corruption. The subcommittee found that there are numerous problems with the current Presidential gift system, such as undervalued gifts, and that an oversight agency, staffed with career employees, is needed in order to combat abuse of the Presidential gift system.
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Related Hearings
House Committee on Government Reform, hearing on "The Controversial Pardon of International Fugitive Marc Rich," 107th Cong., H.Hrg. 107-11, (2001, February 8 and March 1)
House Committee on Government Reform, Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources, and Regulatory Affairs, hearing on "Accountability for Presidential Gifts," 107th Cong., H.Hrg. 107-146, (2002, February 12)
House Committee on Government Reform, Subcommittee on Government Efficiency, Financial Management, and Intergovernmental Relations, hearing on "H.R. 1081, the Accountability for Presidential Gifts Act," 107th Cong., H.Hrg. 107-204, (2002, June 18)
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