Intelligence Activities Relating to Iraq Conducted by the Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group and the Office of Special Plans Within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defence for Policy

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The Select Committee on Intelligence investigated whether reports, public statements, and testimonies made regarding Iraq by the U.S Government officials were substantiated by intelligence information. This investigation focused on deriving information from between the Gulf War period to the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The report found that in regard to a possible Iraqi nuclear weapons program the statements made by the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and the National Security Advisor were generally substantiated by intelligence community estimates, but did not take into account substantial disagreements that were present in the intelligence community. Postwar findings showed that Iraq ended its nuclear weapons program in 1991, the high-strength aluminum tubes Iraq sought were not for a nuclear weapons program, and there was no evidence that Iraq sought uranium from any foreign sources after 1991.
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