Final Report of the Select Subcommittee to Investigate the United States Role in Iranian Arms Transfers to Croatia and Bosnia ("The Iranian Green Light Subcommittee") with Minority Views

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After the release of a 1996 Los Angeles Times article exposing the Iranian Green Light Policy, the Iranian Green Light Subcommittee of the House Committee on International Relations investigated the authorization of covert Iranian arms shipments into Bosnia in 1994 by the Clinton Administration. The investigation found that, despite a UN arms embargo and Clinton Administration policy of isolating Tehran globally, Iran was permitted to open a weapons pipeline into Bosnia. This decision was found to have allowed Iran to expand their economic and diplomatic relations while also establishing a wide military, security, and intelligence presence which resulted in the largest concentration of Iranians outside the Middle East. Moreover, the decision was inconsistent with existing policy meant to isolate and contain Iran and resulted in the deterioration of US-Croatia foreign relations while also damaging US credibility with its allies.
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