Doubling the National Park Service's Annual Appropriation - the Unique Influence of the National Parks Conservation Association

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The investigation was conducted by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and investigates the National Parks Conservation Association who were able to secure a $2 billion earmark. The report identifies three principal flaws for the amount earmarked for the National Park Service as the relation between Appropriations Chairman David Obey and his son Craig Obey (Chief lobbyist for the National Parks Conservation Association), the bill doubling the agency\342\200\231s annual appropriation without the knowledge on whether the agency will be able to absorb such a significant increase, and the bill creating a giant slush fund that allows the National Park Service to transfer funds to the broad category of \342\200\234Operations of Park systems.\342\200\235 In addition, the report does identify evidence that the relation to Chairman David Obey and his son Craig Obey did influence the outcome.
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