Activities of the Committee on Government Affairs: Report of the Committee on Government Affairs United States Senate and its Subcommittees for the One Hundred Sixth Congress

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The Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and its subcommittees released a report detailing the activities of the committee for the 106th Congress. Highlighted activities included oversight of agency management, management challenges facing the executive branch, regulatory issues, government procurement reform, counter-intelligence oversight, security of U.S. nuclear secrets, Independent Counsel Act, federalism, government information security, federal budget process reforms, interactive website, inspectors general, national security export controls, improper payments, privacy, information technology management, long-term care security and retirement corrections, deceptive mail prevention, breast cancer stamp reauthorization, Thrift Savings Plan amendments, decennial census 2000, oversight of Justice Department inquiry into fundraising abuses, management of classified information, and other oversight.
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