Protecting the Nation's Blood Supply From Infectious Agents: The Need for New Standards to Meet New Threats

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The Committee on Government Reform and Oversight investigated the threat of infectious diseases in the US blood supply. The committee found that the public was not provided sufficient information on the risks of blood products, largely due to the fact that the FDA hadn't effectively managed a regulatory review of it's blood products. What's more, they found that there was not an effective system in place to communicate blood product recalls to medical workers. In response, the committee recommended that HHS provide clinically useful information on blood safety issues and ensure that individuals infected with bloodborne illnesses are notified of potential infection so they can seek treatment. Similarly, the committee recommended that the FDA develop a more effective recall system for blood products.
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House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, Subcommittee on Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations, hearing on "Protecting the Nation's Blood Supply From Infectious Agents: New Standards to Meet New Threats," 104th Cong., (1995, October 12 and November 2)
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